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MSKI is a new conceptual leisure product that has two separate kickboards which work like an inline skates, moving forward by propelling with one foot after the other.
The user can experience speed comparable to skiing downhill. On flatland, it provides the user with a leg and thigh workout for total body exercise that demonstrates the true meaning of a multi-leports  product.ENGINEERING EXCELLENCY


M1 Frame & Wheel

As it was already introduced several times in Korea's market, MSKI's triangle structured kick scooter METROPOLITAN SKI has features that are differentiated from other kick scooters with the existing triangle structure. The structure design of this product targets young users seeking speed.

In terms of the angle between two lower base frames generating the driving force and the handle axis supporting the steering handle, the handle axis in the existing handle axis is installed almost perpendicularly, while the handle axis in our product is designed to be installed at 70 degrees to the base frame as shown in Figures 1 and 2. The lower base frame is designed to be slanted at 25 degrees from the point at which the footboard starts, allowing the rider to lean his or her body forward close to the steering handle to move at higher speed. In other words, existing kick scooters have a 2 dimensional structure, while our scooter has a 3 dimensional structure.

Second, the sizes of the front wheel and the real wheel of existing scooters are the same, which are about 100mm, while our scooter features a 200mm front wheel and a rear wheel at a size of 120mm for adolescent users, and 100mm for kids, to satisfy both speed and safety requirements through the exquisite combination of differing wheel size and the frame angle.

M1 Frame & Wheel M1 Frame & Wheel